Together, let’s shape of Polish fintech!

Unleash the hidden potential of your portfolio with a strategic partership in Poland's thriving fintech sector, spearheaded by Comfino, a leading Warsaw-based company.

First Online and Offline payment gateway in Poland

Comfino is a pioneering, unique, and authorial one-step service embedded in multiple dimensions and available across various levels. It is the first platform to provide financing in both Online and Offline areas, with offers addressed to both individual and business customers.

With artificial intelligence, Comfino facilitates Online client assessment and connect each interested person with the appropriate payment method.

Comfino was created in 2021 to revolutionise

A well-known brand, endowed with consumer trust and holding an established position.

Comperia’s extensive experience in the fintech, e-commerce and IT solutions sectors.

Using experience in cooperation with the largest banks and financial institutions in Poland

How Comfino works?

Comfino process overview:

Client adds products to the shopping cart​

Client chooses
payment method

Client enters his data

Comfino selects best offer

Client signs the contract online

Payment immediately sent to store

Client receives ordered goods

Comfino also has power through technology partnerships:

Comfino has successful track record in new client acquisition, targeting both online and offline channels, which is a crusial advantage and makes it the only such fintech in the market.

Financing providers:

SaaS Platforms (and their market share in PL):

We provide whole ecosystem of payments:

How Comfino is growing:

  1. 2021

    technical launch
  2. 2022

    first dozens of customers
  3. July 2022

    Unique offer for ground stores
  4. 2023

    Dynamics at 5.5 times growth rate
  5. 2024

    4 times growth rate

Revolutionary e-commerce payment solution — unique marketplace aggregating multiple BNPL payments in one place.

Simple e-commerce store integration through one plugin.

Free of charge implementation and subscription-free pricing model based on a scalable transaction fee.

Our advantages:

Variety of payment methods is crucial:

Payment methods ever used for ecommerce purchases:

Purchasing habits in Poland:

Six out of ten Poles decide to make a purchase when they find a convenient payment method!

BLIK It is currently used by six out of ten shoppers.

Almost half use fast electronic payments. Interestingly, the popularity of card payments (from 33 to 37 per cent), deferred payments (from 8 to 12 per cent) and Apple Pay (from 4 to 7 per cent) has increased significantly over the past year.

E-commerce payments in the future will be shaped by new payment technologies available for customers.

BNPL (buy now, pay later) payments emerged in 2020 and are expected to further penetrate payments market, e.g. PayPo, one of the BNPL payments providers in Poland in last periods noted +57% y/y.

The popularity of these services is expected to increase rapidly, due to numerous advantages and current macroeconomics:

Both models allowing e-stores to:

Our platform is a

2022 in numbers:

Gross Domenstic Product
(in $bn)


Population of EU
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Internet users
(percentage of population)


Revenue development in the European e-commerce market 2020 - 2027:

In billion US$, Sources: ECDB