Comfino installments

Embedding a widget on a page

To embed the widget on a product page, the following initialization code should be included:

var script = document.createElement('script');
script.onload = function () {
        widgetKey: '{WIDGET_KEY}',
        priceSelector: '{WIDGET_PRICE_SELECTOR}',
        widgetTargetSelector: '{WIDGET_TARGET_SELECTOR}',        
        type: '{WIDGET_TYPE}',
        offerType: '{OFFER_TYPE}',
        embedMethod: '{EMBED_METHOD}',
        priceObserverLevel: 0,
        price: null
script.src = '//';
script.async = true;
  • Available configuration options for the widget:

    • widgetKey - widget API key
    • priceSelector - selector of the element which contains the price of the product (eg: span[itemprop=price]), see: MDN Web Docs - Document.querySelector()
    • widgetTargetSelector - selector of the element which is the container of the widget (eg: div.product-actions), see: MDN Web Docs - Document.querySelector()
    • type - widget type (simple - textual, mixed - graphical with banner, with-modal - graphical with installments calculator)
    • offerType - offer type (INSTALLMENTS_ZERO_PERCENT - 0% installments, CONVENIENT_INSTALLMENTS - convenient installments, PAY_LATER - Pay later)
    • embedMethod - widget embedding method (INSERT_INTO_FIRST, INSERT_INTO_LAST - default value, INSERT_BEFORE, INSERT_AFTER)
    • priceObserverLevel - DOM hierarchy level used for tracking price changes and offer recalculation (level of the observed parent container relative to the price container)
    • price - product price used for installments calculation (in case if set, priceSelector option is ignored)
  • where:

    • option - mandatory parameter
    • option - optional parameter

Widget script hosts

Widget types

  • Textual (simple)


  • Graphical with banner (mixed)


  • Graphical with installments calculator (with-modal)